Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Common Sense Manifesto

A family sits around the dinner table happily eating a meal of spaghetti and meatballs with garlic bread

Husband: "This sure is a swell meal you made honey"

Wife: "Why thank you George... and for dessert we have apple pie."

Husband: "Excellent!... my favorite."

Suddenly George holds his fist to his chest and makes a face of discomfort

Wife: "Is everything all right honey?"

Husband: "Yes, just a little bit of heartburn is all.... pass me a piece of garlic bread, would ya?"


I'm sure we all know people like this, those that are popping antacids or other over the counter drugs to alleviate the discomforts of "unimportant" symptoms such as acid re flux or heartburn. These people just pass them off as nothing and continue about their day as if all was fine in the world. Then a few years down the road these same people windup with some sort of severe condition and are shocked because they always felt "fine" before that. For this reason I have come up with the Common Sense Manifesto.

The Common Sense Manifesto:

1) If after eating a food, you feel worse than you did before eating it do not eat it.

2) If you believe that that food is good for you find an alternative that makes you feel good.

3) If you find all alternatives of this health food give you the same result consider the fact that it might not be a health food for you. (what is a health food if it makes you unhealthy?)

4) In the case of foods that you really like, but make you feel terrible, you must weigh whether those couple of minutes of bliss are worth the hours of agony following

5) Nobody is going to make you eat anything... it is always your choice

6) Does the food keep you satiated for long periods of time or do you find you need to constantly snack to maintain energy? Satiety= good ... Energy snacking= bad

If people followed these rules they would be making a big step in the right direction.

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